You Get Everything You Need…

The Double Trigger System™ in an e-book format, which presents the complete system. After reading it you will trade with confidence.

  • You’ll learn when and how to set up your trade for maximum profits
  • Receive FREE updates to alert you of News Events that you will want to trade
  • You’ll learn how to protect yourself from the start to minimise risk
  • You’ll know EXACTLY when and how to exit your trade and grab the cash
  • Each step and concept explained in detail with visual charts
  • You’ll have an awesome edge over the market
  • No need for special indicators, all rules of the system revealed
  • Get in and out of your trades with laser sharp precision and maximum profits
  • Large moves and profits automatically captured with minimal risk
  • Regular ‘Live’ training calls giving clear instructions in plain English with no ‘trader-speak’
  • Complete beginners can have maximum confidence
  • Get access to a completely FREE TRIAL on our web based charting program to try the system out
  • Use the system anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection
  • Training and systems for those who want to know more or trade full time
  • Say “Goodbye” to the Day Job if you really want to
  • On-going help and support from ‘real traders’ to ensure your success